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ViewU is a video interview company specialising in recording personal accounts from clients about their own lives.

All of us have a story about our lives.

Few of us are able to afford the time or the money to be interviewed or to have our biography published.

At ViewU we provide a professional, affordable, high quality DVD recording of your life, from your own account, beginning from your first memory to the present day.

The interview is conducted by a trained interviewer with over 25 years experience in conducting sensitive, personal interviews.

You will be guided through the interview using the skills of the interviewer and your own cognitive recall.

Research is carried out prior to the interview with your help, which is then included in the interview and the finished production.

You have ownership and control of the whole process, including the location of the interview.

We have a dedicated team committed to ensuring that the whole experience is positive, accurate and enjoyable.

We are passionate about our business and aim is to provide you with the highest quality product which will be a source of pleasure for your family and friends for years to come.

Contact us to arrange... the interview of your life...

All of us have a story about our lives...

"I lost my father in 1999. Five years earlier I had the foresight to conduct a two hour interview with him about his life. I didn't think he would begin to lose his memory when he did, I have no record of my interview, just diminishing recollections of some of his stories which I have tried to relay to my children who never knew him".

Richard James, 2007


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ViewU Productions are UK based
between Bristol and Bath.

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